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Shanghai love Kai enterprise service limited is a is committed to PTP module, and Beidou timing, and 1588 switch, and Shi frequency system, and Shi frequency test instrument, and timing module, and Shi Commission equipment, and power synchronization system, and synchronization collection system, and distributed synchronization system solution programme provides business, its Shi frequency products including: temperature fill Crystal, thermostat Crystal, atomic clock, cesium Bell and the Beidou timing positioning module, agent sales; Shi Commission equipment including: GPS satellite synchronization clock, NTP time server, Beidou timing system, The network clock synchronization system, GPS timing, GPS device, and PTP (IEEE1588) module, 1588 (PTP) switch and frequency meter and other sales agents and its switching equipment: including S1000-S6000 switch products company is committed to the EC system solution provider, Yun Ping Road, Jiading district, Shanghai City, corporate headquarters is located in the 31st, 1520, room 322. Company's existing staff of more than 10 people, with Bachelor degree or above accounted for 90%. Shanghai Kai company always take the technical innovation as the fundamental enterprise development, with a team of experts, professors of science and technology research and development team and a high quality management team, have long been engaged in communication and new product research and development in the field of industrial automation, has extensive experience in product design and application experience.